Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't Give a Goal a Time Frame

Don’t give a goal a time frame.

Really. I mean it.

If you specify a time frame you may be severely limiting your internal resources.

come again?

What if your subconscious can provide an answer, a result right now?
what if it can solve the problem by this time tomorrow?

Also specifying a time frame inadvertently saddles you with this pre-suppostion (which incidentally is a command to your inner resources)
You’ve presupposed that you’re not there yet.

Here is a line from one of my ebooks:

Doing is Volts
Being is Ohms

Being out-performs Doing by ten to the twenty zillionth power
(I just made that up)

We all have:

  • A Left Brain

  • A Right Brain

    Our left brain has been watching our right brain it’s whole life
    and he’s never seen him do anything!
    that’s because right brain’s job is being
    not doing

    Left brain is watching the volt meter of doing and correctly observing that his counter part, right brain is incapable of doing…
    the volt meter will not budge one iota

    Being is like ohms, conductivity, or Torque

    Doing is like Volts, or RPM

    If you need to know more about Volts and Ohms (sorry, my bad, my analogies are rather masculine...) see this post:
    Have you ever tried to get juice flowing when you’ve got no conductivity?

    No wonder left brain has contempt for right brain,( )
    he’s bitching and moaning because he’s stuck with right brain as a team mate!