Thursday, September 25, 2008

Half Empty or Half Full?

Frederick Maryland CDL Truck drivers

What do you think this guys Global Outlook on life is?

Is his glass Half Empty or Half Full?

That's what a Global Belief IS, it's an 'outlook on life'
You can't not have a Global Belief System (I know, that's a double negative, shoot me:)
You Have to have some kind of system to "Pre Sort" all incoming data.

  • is X 'for me' or 'agin me'?

  • Do I have to defend myself against what ever this new X, Y or Z is?

  • What's this tell you about how your 'outlook' pre determines what you're capable of, what you're willing to do or not do?

    A Global Belief is there... but it's insideous, because you don't KNOW it's there!

    it's there none the less