Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What exactly ARE Beliefs?

A Belief is nothing more than a
"Feeling of Certainty"
that something is going to happen.

Tony Robbins from his 1988 Personal Power audio series.

What do we mean by Global Beliefs?

Global Beliefs as described by Tony Robbins are:

  • the fishbowl to the fish

  • the 'lens' through which we view EVERYthing

  • the 'parameters' by which we measure everything

  • Is X, Y or Z going to 'hurt me'?

      • Must I be in defensive mode?

      • Is X, Y or Z something I need to pay attention to because it's a danger to me?

    Or is X, Y or Z something that I'm going to like?

    • Can I relax?

    • Is this X, Y or Z something I want to look foreword to?

    • Is this something I want to encourage?

    Notice that all of the above are questions...

    What are questions?

    Evaluations- there are no questions that are not evaluations.

    Global Beliefs are something that you HAVE to HAVE, you can't NOT have one!!!

    There is no way around this painfully disguised fact.

    EVERY SINGLE HUMAN WITH A BRAIN BETWEEN THEIR EARS has to have "parameters" to categorize every single last 'byte' of incoming data.

    Just like a computer, you can't avoid 'parsing' data, to pre sort it.

    Global Beliefs are also mostly invisible to us.

    They're the kind of things that fall under the category of:

    "You can't see the forest for the trees"

    They're decisions we made by default. (notice that 's past tense)

    A decision made by not making a decision is a decision none the less!

    Who made this choices for us?

    A fish is vaguely aware that there's stuff outside the fishbowl... but he can't do anything about it... so it gets pushed deep down to his 'back burner"

    N.L.P or Neuro Linguistic Programming is:

    The Structure of Subjective Experience