Saturday, August 02, 2008

Abandonment Issues, definition of Child Abuse


Child Abuse.

Vague all encompassing term... means many things to many people.

In the Family Systems Theory of Codependent behavior, Child abuse is loosely defined as any parenting that produces abandonment.

This is why there are rich kids that become addicts, this is why some kids join gangs.

What constitutes abuse?

What regulatory agency is there that determine what is and what isn't "Abuse"/

There isn't one, and if there was, it would:
1 be a dismal failure
2 be totalitarian (nazi/ communist/ Jim Jones-ish)
3 be the actual 'Brave New World' that Auldous Huxley warned us of.

American Society, (with it's Victorian values) in the 50's tried to regulate what it thought society should be and do. That's what got us the turbulent 1960's!

Basically your parents abused you.

They didn't actually mean to, they parented you (probably) they way they were parented.

The abandonment was built init was unconscious, your abandonment was part of your parent's global belief system.

A Global Belief System is your paradigm, it's the fish bowl to the fish, you have one, you can't NOT have one.

more coming...