Thursday, July 31, 2008

So you think your Conscious mind is in control huh?

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So you think your conscious mind is in control huh?

Your conscious mind can: out vote your subconscious... but it's NOT the dominant part of your behavior.

Your conscious mind can only hold (maximum) up to 9 Chunks of information at a time.
7 +/- 2 bits of info.

Do you really think about all the hundreds of individual actions required just to get up off your chair and walk over to a light switch and turn that switch?

Up till now you thought (I mean you really believed) that the voice in the back of your head was you...

It's not.

What you ARE is a 'space for events to occur in'

Don't agree that we're all schizophrenic?

We all have at least two personalitys, don't believe that?

sit on a bench, at a bus stop... what you're willing to do or not do is one self.

Now let someone else sit at that same bench, waiting for the same bus... all of a sudden your guard goes up, what you're will to let that perfect stranger see about you is in your awareness.

You now have to monitor what you WANT the public to see about you, a moment ago you might have picked your nose, or scratched your crotch

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