Saturday, June 27, 2015

Global Beliefs and Racsim

Global Beliefs, as Tony Robbins describes them in his 1990 Personal Power audio series are:

Unconscious Decisions

decisions that we were completely unaware we made
We were unaware because we grafted them from our parents world view.

Global Beliefs are the fishbowl to the fish... the fish cannot "see" the fishbowl, the fishbowl is clear/ transparent, Like wallpaper, it's all around us but we seldom, if ever, actually "see" it.

Robbins offers examples:
Life Is...
People Are...
the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
"f**k em all but six, and save them for pall bearers
you can't fight city hall

we accept them unthinkingly because it never occurs to us that they are variables.

Attitudes about race fall into this category.
They are assumptions that we made, without ever questioning their validity

Poverty is a mind set.

Poverty is NOT a function of the economy
Abundance and Scarcity are mindsets

more to come