Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sugar consumption, Physiology and your State

What *State* are you in right now?

One of the principal tenents of Robbins' 1989 "Personal Power" audio serise is "State Management".

According to Tony, behavior has more to do with how you 'hold' or 'frame' a given situation. If you "come from" a pre-supposed "state" you're not as likely to perform at your best.

Virtually all of us give little thought to how we "hold" ourselves. I mean we are aware of what ever pressing problems are in front of us, we give little thought to the context "governing" how we "process" what ever is going on with us internally.

What does that mean really?

Crap happens
We react to it.
What ever resources we have at our disposal, at that time, we assume "is what it is"

The quantity and quality of those resources available to us is dependent on... what? you didn't know those were variables did you?

They are dependent on the context we hold our content.

that's right, context is MORE important than content.

If your "context" is: "I'm tired", "Life's  been kicking my butt" (glass half empty and level dropping fast)

then what's that gonna do to what ever "battery power" you have left?