Thursday, March 18, 2010

Global Generalizations You Have That You Don't Know You Have

Global Beliefs
Global Generalizations

What is that?
What makes a belief or a generalization "Global"?
There are beliefs that you are conscious of, your aware of them, you know that you believe X and not Y.
What makes one global is a Forrest to the trees  relationship.
The Fishbowl to the Fish.

Now fish gotta know on some level that there is "something" outside of the fish bowl, they can't do much about it so there's not much reason for the fish to ponder what is different on the other side of the glass.

Global beliefs are characterized by:
Unquestioned assumptions
You "just know" life is a certain way, and from your perspective, everybody "ought to" see X the way you see X.
If someone thinks otherwise, you assume there is something wrong with them.

Global beliefs are characterized by unspoken internal assumptions people make, for example:
  • "Life Is"
  • "People Are"
  • "Screw them before they screw you"

Almost all of those are NOT decisions you carefully selected from a field of choices

Most likely you grafted those assumptions from of your parents... chances are they just "assimilated" them from THEIR parents.

if you carefully considered them, you could see them as optional

BUT you aren't even aware that you "chose" them, you just "assumed" that's the way it is.

My ex wife dated a dysfunctional guy (almost as dysfunctional as I was at the time) who used to explain:

"that's the way I was raised"
Every time he invoked that global belief he shut down.
no new incoming ideas allowed.. I mean what ever it was, was set in stone.
not open to discussion or wiggle room.
It didn't matter if the position he took was a good idea or not, it was non negeotiable

Reality and him simply didn't get along.

.... don't let that happen to you