Monday, August 31, 2009

Using NLP As A Visualization Aid

When visualizing your desires there are a few tricks that you
may or may not be aware of. In this article I am going to
introduce you to some basic, older NLP devices that can be
incredibly effective.

First if you have never heard of NLP before, it stands for
Neuro Linguistic Programming. Be sure to do your own research on
NLP as there are plenty of free information sites available.

Now let's move on and I'll teach you how to apply one simple
NLP method to your visualizations. First, think of a good memory
that you found enjoyable or exciting. Whilst you're in the
process of recalling that memory, brighten the image in your
mind. Pretend that your mind works like a television set and you
can adjust the brightness control.

How did you feel? Was the memory becoming more intense?

Now to do the same thing again but this time, dim the
brightness. Notice how you feel now.

This time, recall the same memory but instead of adjust
brightness, intensify the colors as you see this memory in your
mind. Make them vivid, exciting and make them stand out! After a
few seconds of doing this, try dulling the colors like we did
before with the brightness. Notice how you feel in both

In most cases, brightening an image or intensifying the colors
causes the emotional response to a memory to magnify. When you
dim and dull a memory this causes the emotional response to
diminish. Many therapists who use NLP teach people to dim their
bad memories, turn them black and white, shrink them, and even
mute them. This has the effect of removing the connection to the
emotions from the memory, and can allow many people to get over
traumatic episodes in their lives.

This little exercise has shown us that if we intensify the
colors and brightness we can intensify our emotional response
regarding the memory or vision. The whole point of visualizing
our desires is to create an emotional response which sends clear
and strong messages to the universe.

These little NLP tricks will help you to take your
visualizations to the next level and magnify your efforts.

Here are a few additional things that you can play around with:
try tilting the mental picture forward or backward; zoom in and
then out on the picture. Increase the red hue, then the blue
hue, then the green hue, and see how coloring your memory with
different colors affects your emotional response. Put a frame
around your memory. Make it into a two dimensional photo, then
back into a three dimensional environment.

Make sure when you're practicing, you are visualizing three
dimensional, moving pictures with sound, as though you are
there. Some people forget to include sound in their
visualizations. Remember, the more sensory responses you can
activate the more vivid and emotional you will become with your

Have fun with this and play around until you find a perfect
combination for increasing your mental imagery.

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