Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your Beliefs are BIGGER than you are.


You see that graphic above?

The parts of you that you're aware of are... puny.

The parts of you that are below the surface are... you aren't even aware of how much bigger (more powerful, more influential) they are than the you you like to think is you is.

I know, I used that word twice... sue me

Up till right now, you actually thought you WERE the voice in the back of your head.

What you are really is a Space for Events to Occur In

There's more than one of us in here!

How'd you get your belief system anyway?

Ever thought about that?

Most of us inherited them from our family of origin, as if it were a tribe we belong to.

I was born in 1957, spent my younger years just south of the Mason Dixon Line. Most of my families neighbors were racist. My parents were not... the racism I'm talking about is not the K.K.K hate monger kill the bastards type, it was more insidious, built in, hidden...

the young friends I grew up with didn't think too much about it, there just weren't any black people where we lived. We saw them once in a while when we were taken to the store, you kinda drove past em... and 'hey?!" "there's one"

It wasn't until I watched Hogans Heros (Barney was black and he was cool), watched Mission Impossible (they had a black guy & he was cool)... you see where I'm going with this?

You simply didn't think about it... you just 'grafted'your beliefs from your if they were a lens through which every thing (all incoming data presorted according to a criteria) was *colored*

Well, if your global beliefs are, say, 'no one that makes over $20 an hour is earning their money without ripping somebody off'...

want to see this in action?

take your six closest friends (anybodies six closest friends for that matter), YOUR income will fall within the medium of what they make.

Hockey players don't hang around with Chess Players.

What if you had an unconscious belief ( a global one- Life is.. people are...) that said "I can't make more money than my Daddy did"

and you didn't know you had such a belief

... do you really think you'd make more than your Daddy?

If you *accidentally* made more you'd screw it up somehow: