Sunday, October 26, 2003

long time no post... how it all turned out

Ok, the word is 'workaholism'

I've not been posting, I've not been working on my main website:

NOTE- I lost the domain name it's now

I've been working on paying back child support... and been guilty of back sliding into
love addiction/ dysfunctional unworkable relationships (with my ex)

The Super Shuttle (airport taxi in the form of a shared ride/ in a van) franchise
did not work out... at least not right now.

I did buy the van (it has a blown motor and I got it cheap)

I did get turned down for my appication to get what the State of Maryland calls a
'Public Service Commission passenger for hire' licence.

I've learned that if I appeal, I will probably get approved.

On another front, driving a tractor trailer is a blast.
it is so cool to go to work and have fun... I'd do it for free.
(I don't want my job to know that)

I've been working over 70 hours a week...earning roughly $4500/ $4800 a month
(before taxes) and paying out all of it in back child support and over due bills.

I shouldn't feel guilty...first things first!

More later