Friday, June 27, 2003

What did Tony Robbins do for me?

Answer to the question: what did tony robbins do for you?
This question was posted to me in a message board, my response is below:

Immediate relief from self sabotage, we're talking 180 degree turnaround


What Tony has that I've not seen in other NLP stuff is his work on
values and beliefs
especially from a codependent/acoa point of view.

Global Beliefs:

Gross generalizations, usuallly grafted from your
parents or your environment- Often unconscious.

Decisions we made when we were young

Global Beliefs are different from regular beliefts
They are a catagory of beliefs such as:

'life is'
'people are'

those kinds of things we tend to think of as being
- 'set in stone'
- 'etched in concrete'

they are not

'whose decision is this?', I doubt if you consciously chose (that) limiting belief...
is it useful?

Almost everybody has heard of Tony Robbins. He's the big guy with the big teeth you've seen on infomercials all over the place.

Tony's work is primarily seen as being for the 'Success/Motivational Crowd'.
While that certainly is ONE appropriate use of Tony's version of NLP, it's ignoring the vast majority of the population that can benefit tremendously from his workshops on tape.

People from the 12 step/ codependency/ behavior modification crowd are the ones who would benefit the most from Tony's work.

There is a reason that most success coaching tape sets BEGIN with self image building.

Most of the success motivational crowd begin their counsel by FIRST exhorting the student of success to expand their self-image, self esteem, what they truly believe they are worthy of, in their heart of hearts.

Tony's work does much, much more than that. He effectively gets people to TAKE ACTION.

Reading the printed word is NOT ENOUGH, no matter how good the text is, if you read it and say to yourself:

"Gee that sure was interesting", or "Gee that's exactly what I need to do"

...and you go right back to doing the same thing, well...

Tony's workshops and exercises force you to FACE YOUR PERSONAL DEMONS; and, if you're not willing to, he tells you to "...give this tape to someone who will!"

He gives you real time, effective tools, an entire tool bag, multiple approaches that give you "more than one way to skin a cat".

The 12 step model of change (that's what it really is, ultimately, either a change in behavior, and/ or elimination of an addiction, leading up to a spiritual awakening)- that change can be multiplied exponentially and the length of time invested can be dramatically shortened by combining NLP.

With this course you will discover what your Limiting Beliefs are, even ones you thought were 'set in stone'

Many codependents , even when they become aware of self destructive behavior patterns, feel worse if they feel they cannot change their old belief systems.

Some shrug it off saying: "That's just the way I was raised"

Tony's tape set is in the form of workshops and daily exercises (a 30 day plan- each one starting out like weight training, each day a little more weight) that use the technology of NLP to create amazing changes that you never thought possible!